Thanks for reading, please help, i'm new in the quadcopters world  !

I'm planning a canoe trip this summer for a month in the greath north of east Canada. So I would like to buy a Quadcopter with a Gopro to complete the footage of our trip and like you surely know it is a very big purchase and we need help to choose the right engine.

Before annoying you guys I searched a lot on the net and there are so much models that I am not able to make the best choice, I though that the help of professionals could help. This roughly what we are looking for, thanks:


Budget: between 2500 and 3000 dollars,

Engine: four propellers (or six, maybe you could tell me your advice on that)

Time flight: anything between 10 to 20 minutes i think, anyway we will carey few extra batteries to be able to make more than a flight and to charge the other batteries with our solar pannels.

Weight: well it's a canoe trip so lighter is better but anything less than 3 kg seem to be not to much...

Durability: the toughtest of course but most of all the capacity to change pieces on the trip (like a propeller)if needed.

Lenght: well we need something that could fold in anyway to protect the engine in a durable case.

Gopro: to have a good video quality i guess the stability of the quadcopter is determinant but also a minimum of two axes ajustment during the flight, how does it work, is there a transmitter for the copter and one for the camera? what is the best?


Finally we are not programer experts so we need something all balanced and ready to flight, even with the camera if possible...


Do you think there is something that could fit in thoses standards?


We have seen many specs and the best quadcopters so far are seem to be

Turbo Ace x830 (still there are many models)

DJI S800 - UAV Multirotor (with six propeller)


Spreading Wings S800 ?

and especially the steadiDrone Qu4D RTF


I hope you have a solution for us, you guys seem to know a lot about multy rotors drones and we really need help. Thank you very much for your time anyway.


Have a nice day,



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I can't help with specific options, but here's my advice - If you are new to multirotor flight, YOU WILL CRASH while learning to fly.  Buy some spare props, a motor and an arm or two and practice a lot before your trip.

Thank you very much for the tip, i will concider seriously. a 2500 $ gadget as to be treated with precautions.

thanks again

I would also add to Stephen that you may want to go get either a simulator or microquad(something inexpensive) now, this way you can start learning orientation without waiting for the full build.  You can crash it lots without worrying, I purposefully put myself in bad flight situations with my microquad so I can practice recovery/hard landing situations. I got an MQX for $125 USD with a transmitter and 3 batteries, it has survived me thus far without any real repairs needed. 


I tested the Sky-hero Spy some time ago (still prototype at that moment, now available).

It flies great, is light and is foldable (Spy-Y6 or Spider-quad setup)

Just have a look:

Wow so many nice advices, thank you guys!

Well it might sound a little bit like a hurried decision but a have purhased 4 days ago, after many researches the steadi drone qu4d.

I needed the best quality for a relatively good price and this model seemed a fair in between... what do you think?

I know i have no experience but when i will receive it i will give everything to control the flight of this quad, only 3 weeks to practise before leaving for my canoe trip with friends.

I will be gentle with it since i am not trying to run the motor at maximum capacity.

I also purchased the nice gimball for 495$ to have the best footage of my trip but i have a question.

With my controller spektrum that i ordered will control the flight of my engine but would it be possible to controll with another spektrum controller the gimball ?? 

how does it work and with the iphone controlling the gopro hero and the first controller, will i have enough channels (6) for everything?

Can you guys help me again? Thanks a lot by the way

Quite an ambitious challenge. but please keep us informed of your progress.

A few questions come to mind - 

Which gimbal did you buy?

How do you plan to aim the gimbal?  Are you planning on a video transmitter to a monitor the aiming of the camera?


I've decided to consider your tips Stephen, I bought yesterday a mini quadcopter, the "Hubsan X4 H107L 2.4G 4CH RC Quadcopter" to start practicing before I receive my Qu4d from south Africa.

Now, for the gimbal, I bought with the steadi drone a brushless gimbal 2 axis and on the web site, it was written that: "The gimbal also features manual tilt and roll control via your radio or a second radio when using two operators." wich seemed perfect for me.

But I still don't know how does the controller works, is it simple to plug in another controller for the gimbal? will I have the same stability if I modify the gimbal while somebody else is controlling the drone?

But most of all, in a very deep outdoor conditions, is the GPS works the same, is it reliable?

I'm just a new guy in the quad world but whit you guys i'm convinced it's gonna work.

Any good article or user guide I could read to help me? anyone?

I haven't done it yet, but my hex uses the 3DRobotics APM and it will control a roll servo and you can map the Channel 6 knob on your transmitter to control the camera pitch.

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