Hi all.
As it happens once in a while, I acquired a lot of 5 nice dc/dc new converters from ebay for 9 bucks, but now I got them I lack basic information about the product.
"Specifications" I have for them are limited to following: DC/DC Converter 5V Input, 3.3V @ 5A Output SMT

The boards look like following on the pics:

I see 4 "tunnel shaped" connectors on the back side. Could anybody tell me which connectors are for the input VCC in 5v / GND and which for output VCC out 3.3v / GND?Or could anybody tell me how I could test the connectors to determine that without destroying anything?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated since I intend to use the board to power my LS20032 GPS chip which just arrived from SparkFun! Thanks all for your attention.

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Nice looking DC/Dc board at a good price! I found the datasheet here, which shows the Vin, Vout etc on p.21
I see that you solder onto the bottom of the board at the "LISMC" pads- those 4 groups of 3 metal rectangles.

I wonder how much filtering will be needed for clean 3.3v output. Maybe it won't be a problem because the load is low.

Thanks for this information, kitemaker Ken. I'll try to keep you informed about the needed filtering to clean the 3.3V output. Now I can at least do some tests with it!
That is a substantial DC-DC converter. If you want something smaller, take a look at the Dimension Engineering 3.3V switching regulators or try to track down Recom R-783.3-0.5 or R-783.3-1.0 switching regulators - http://www.recom-international.com/pdf/Innoline-2008/R-78xx-1.0.pdf. We use the Recom 1.0A version on all of our robots.
Compared to the plane size, it looks rather small. I think that with a smaller piece, I would loose it in the fuselage!
Joking. You're right there are compacter solutions around. I actually use a similar switching regulator for powering my 12V CCD camera board.
Thanks anyhow for the link and tip. As for now, my converter nicely delivers 3.34V to my LS20031 GPS board.
Did you get these hooked up and tested alright?
@ Nick.
Yes, I hooked it to my 5V BEC and connected my LS20031 5Hz GPS. Working nicely without problem. And since it has 5A output current max, I could hook up another 3.3V board if necessary. I am happy with this for now.
@ Reto,

I got a set of these as well. Did you have to do any filtering? If not, did you just solder 5V to Vin, Gnd, and Vout directly to the LS20031? Thanks.
I do not filter and soldered some JST connectors directly as You described,, grouping the GND of both sides. Works well for my purpose after some hours on my debugging bench. Maybe I'll add a shrink tube around it. I power my GPS board, my Xbee, and my digital camera with one unit at the same time.

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