Need help with PixHawk using Futaba R7008SB receiver with 14SG radio


I read and read and tried everything I can think of but I can't get this setup to work in mission planner when it comes to the part of Tx radio calibration step inside mission planner.

1. latest version of mission planner installed and working.
2. I am using a quad-copter F450
3. Tx is Futaba 14SG (version 7.0)
4. Rx is Futaba R7008SB (yes I have already set the RX in S-Bus Mode). It is in sync with radio, and if I connect a servo directly the Rx it works.

Right now the Pixhawk is simply powered up from my laptop high current USB port. No Lipo is connected. ESC's are not connected. 

When I run the mission planner, it recognizes the pixhawk fine. It can upload the Quad load properly to Pixhawk. The Gyro calibration etc. steps work fine.

When it comes to calibrating the Futaba 14SG radio, the mission planner doesn't see any stick movements. I tried flipping all switches etc. Mission planner doe not recognize any stick movements no matter what I do.

Any ideas what am I doing wrong?

Do I need to do any setup inside my 14SG radio as far as setting goes? It is currently set for Quad.

I saw some articles dating back 2014 people talking about modifying some pixhawk files. I am a Newbie so I have no idea how to even do such a thing. Please provide detailed answers if you can.

Please help and thanks in advance.

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Replies to This Discussion is the best place for help, but as a first check: rx goes to the RC IN port, not SBUS (we've all made that mistake...). Second check: add external power to the pixhawk.
I REALLY suggest just walking through the Ardupilot wiki, and then hitting their website.

Usual mistakes other than SBUS instead of RCin, are using 12 channel mode instead of 14 channel mode and SBUS2 instead of SBUS (ofcourse the Rx must output SBUS signal).

Some of the newer MP versions made problems. Usually they would 'work' until you move a stick and then freeze.


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