was anybody able to make this board to communicate with pixhawk via sbus?

I see some instructions here:

and I connected sbus out from PX4 to rc-0 pin. I set virtual channel configuration to SBUS.

I went to MP on pixhawk side, set BRD_SBUS_OUT=1 so it would pump out servo channels via sbus out, then set MNT)TYPE=1 for servo.

nothing works and there is no reaction on the gimbal. I am using both serial ports 2 and 3 for GPS. Port 1 has telemetry and 3DR radio on.

So I only have SBUS to communicate with this gimbal. Why it does not work?

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My tests with the STorM32 and a M8N connected to the Serial4 also coincide with yours.

Serial5 is not usable for standard operations.

yepper, it is not working. I have no idea why, plus I am on AUAV board.

I set Serial4 as you instructed, it does not see GPS unit attached to that connector. I suspect it is because AUAV skipped serial4 and only has serial5 on UART7.

I think what Luis speaks is valid - there should be its own setting for Serial5.

from a practical standpoint it is an available interface that cannot be used now for anything, it is hardly optimal.

I looked at pinout picture, obviously AUAV is different as it only has Serial5 and no serial4 at all.

Is it possible to make Serial5 optionally available for standard operations? As right now it is not getting used at all but it exists on the board.

I understand why the Serial5 won't be available for general use. 

With some careful planning and combination of serial devices you can make good use of the remaining 4 serial ports, or 3.

The choice of flight controllers should also reflect this. I was extremely curious about the AUAV-X2 but the serial ports available was one of the downsides, so I kept using the original 3DR PixHawk.

Feel free to add a to-do item to allow reassigning Serial5 as yet another telemetry port (a fourth!) but I probably won't personally work on it because my to-do list is already very full.


could anybody get new beta 82e firmware on Storm32 board to work reliably?

I get problems with a properly done tune as soon as I activate imu2 to 'full'. it starts vibrating where it worked before, cannot figure out why.

I generally wonder what is an overall perception of this 82 beta - is it worth to spend more time to make it tuned or would it be better now to revert back to 80 primary version as it seemed to be working more or less ok for me yesterday? 

I sincerely believe that you can achieve good answers if asking at the SToRM32 thread at RCG.

Just a casual note: 0.82 is a beta version and as such requires correct testing and some debugging and reporting to Olliw.

If you can't, or want to "suffer" the pains of beta versions stick with the release versions.

It was a mistake to use his board for 2 last builds i did. It seemed nice price wise, but, as usual, you get what you pay for, a $25 board got a $0.01 support.
I used tarot solutions and bgc before and never had that many issues to deal with.
OlliW is obvuiosly quite proud of what he makes but he is not able to provide any meaningful support not troubleshoot issues his boards produce. It was pretty much a huge waste of time compared to how older BGC boards work and what can be expected.

I spent probably 5 times more time trying to tune that storm32 board compared to old bgc board and it still acts erratic at some angles. And OlliW, sorry, seems to act mostly as a jerk. He is seemengly consumed with some other ideas he pursuits, what happens with software for current boards and current horrible tuning approach, he does not seem to care at all.

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