I just received the IRIS I ordered back on 19-Feb. and was hoping to get a week or two of practice in before taking it with me on vacation at the end of March. It took just over 3 weeks to arrive and I was beyond excited to open up the package. Unfortunately, my excited was quickly fizzled when I took a closer look at what was in the box.

I will upload pictures here either tonight or tomorrow, but basically here's what I found:

- Gimbal was missing (and yes, I paid for it and it was listed on the packing slip);
- 3 screws were missing on the IRIS' plastic housing; I found two loose in the box but the third is gone;
- Antenna is extremely loose on the IRIS (will have to open up housing to tighten it, but that should be easy since the screws were pretty much all missing);
- Radio had broken plastic bouncing around inside;
- Radio decals are peeled up/not flush.

This will be my first drone, so I was already a bit anxious about getting this thing airborne but now I'm having serious doubts. I did call 3DRobotics earlier this afternoon to report the problem; they said they were going to overnight the gimbal and missing screw, but I have yet to receive a shipping confirmation number. Needless to say, but this experience definitely spoiled some of my excitement and it sure sounds like there are others who have had poor experiences lately with this company.

Okay, I'm done venting...stay tuned for pics when I can get them uploaded.

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Did you get the pictures downloaded? Did you get your Gimbal yet?

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