Good afternoon everyone.
I recently finished my 3D-Printed X4 frame, and have installed all required (Pixhawk) electronics. Everything is working great, and I have done a successful test flight; But.. The GPS seems to be unwilling to work with the Pixhawk unit.
I am getting the "No GPS Fix" message on Mission Planner, even after leaving the unit outside for nearly an hour in an attempt to acquire GPS satellites. I have followed the manuals instruction, and I am certain I have proper connection between the M8N and the Pixhawk.
In the Mission Planner program terminal, I'm seeing a repeating "Need 3D fix" followed by code. I've also tried connecting via u-Center 8.2 and there is no GPS information whatsoever. I really am lost, and have been researching this since 8AM today. (Almost 12 hours..)
Does anyone have any idea what's going on?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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That is a counterfeit ublox part.  That is a Chinese knock off.  You have been cheated.  The way to tell is quite simple.

Each ublox chip has a unique serial number.  Every ONE!  The smart tag on the ublox chip that you have is a QR code.  It is not a digital serial number.  The smart tag on a genuine ublox chip is unique.

I read the tags on my cell phone.  To do it, I use a close up camera to take a picture of the 'ublox' part.  I put it on a large computer screen.  Then I use the smart tag reader program of my phone to interpret the tags.  The ublox digital tag will match the printed serial number on the label.

I have 2 dozen units now that are going back to China.

The fake parts will have something that is not matching the serial number.  Also if you buy more than 1 of the units, from the same supplier, you will find that all the serial numbers are the same.

Finally I suspect that ublox use a check digit in their serial number.  So generating valid serial numbers for fake parts needs to know the algorithm used to generate the real serial numbers.

Two pictures attached.

Note the difference in the smart tags.  One is a digital tag the other a QR tag.  Not the same.

See picture 2031a has unique digital smart tag unique to each unit.  Picture 2032a has a QR tag.  The QR tag in the picture says NEO-6M.  Yet the part says NEO-M8N.  Also all 3 units have the same serial number.

I report the vendor of the fake parts to ublox america, with the store number or seller name on ebay, BangGood, AliExpress or Alibaba.

Ublox take counterfeit parts seriously.


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