New 180m long range LiDAR for drones/UAV/copter precision landing - Benewake TF03

Benewake new long range LiDAR TF03 is released for drones/UAV/copters Precision Landing, Anti-collision, Altitude Holding, Terrain Following, etc.

The TF03 is compatible with Ardupilot, and works with IRLOCK precision landing system, welcome to test it and add your questions, comments here : )

TF03 datasheet:

TF03 video:

TF03 info on Ardupilot partner IRLOCK store:

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Any update on the CE30 solid state Lidar? Will there be a longer range version of that, too?

Hi, Chris. Thank you for your attention to CE30, now the product team is developing longer range CE30, which is also compatible with current model CE30-A, CE30-C, CE30-D. But it will take some long time : ) Have a nice day !

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