I ordered the 3DR Blixler plane from 3DR on March 3rd.  about a week later I saw that they had updated their plane.  I inquired if I could change my order to the updated plane and was told that I could not because it was already assembled and was in the testing phase.  That was about a week ago...I emailed again to check on the order and was told that it would ship in a couple of weeks.  Bottom line question is this.  The cost difference is not an issue, should I just be patient to get the Blixler version or press harder to get the updated version.  BTW, I am just getting into this drone thing.  Thanks in advance for your advice!

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The big question is, what are you planning to do with the plane? If it is just flying and having fun then the bixler type is the best but if it is for application wise e.g. aerial photography then the new one.

I am just wanting to have fun with it.  I like the idea of the autopilot and the ability to program way points.  I'm just a little concerned that all of the documentation for the old plane is now off the website.  Thank you for your reply though!

The bixler type frame will be the best for you, what I like about the bixler is if you catch a thermal in stab mode you can glide and play for a nice period of time without throttle, also the documentation is based on all plane types not just the bixler frame type and once you get tired of the bixler you then must by the x-uav talon frame and transfer the electronics to that.

Its also easier to buy spares for the bixler. Thats always a good thing when your starting cause you will break things.

I would call my bank credit card company and tell them whats going on and cancel the order. I think thats bologna. That happend to me with the 2.5 to 2.6 change out. If I was paying money for something I would want the latest not some old junk.

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