I recently purchased the full kit from 3DR for a quad naively thinking I would have everything I needed to assemble my quad over the Christmas break.  

I did upgrade the motors and props to the larger models.

My model https://store.diydrones.com/ArduCopter_3DR_Quad_KIT_Electronics_p/k...

with the AC2836-358, 880kv motors and the 12x45 props.

Several issues have kept me from completing the project.  The kit did not include all of the necessary hardware I needed (i.e. screws, nuts and spacers).  Even accounting for the nylon screw that broke off in a spacer, I am short a fair number of hardware pieces.  Secondly, the motors do not fit properly on the frame.  If I mount the motors as the instructions describe, the bottom shaft washer binds against the frame.  I either need to enlarge the hole in the frame or place a spacer (washers) between the motor and the frame to keep them from binding.  

Has anyone else run into these issues and resolved them?  I was hoping to at least test fly my quad before the New Year but that seems hopeless at this point.

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Just curiuos if you had the same issues I had here:




You input would be appreciated.



I think that's an issue with the larger 880 motors. You need to drill those holes out a bit more (the kit was designed for the 850 motors). I'll ping the team and have them get in touch with you to send you replacements for any hardware pieces you were missing. 

Hi Kevin, send us an email at sales@3drobotics.com, attn Lorenzo, to get you set up with the parts you are missing.

Adam, funny thing is I had already commented on your post.  My PDB looks nothing like yours.

Thanks Chris,

It would be great if you could add that to the assembly instructions.  I thought about doing that but didn't want to start hacking up the frame until I found out if I was doing something wrong.


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