Hey all,

I'm wondering what you all think the design of this new APM powered TriCopter:      http://VisionAerial.com/SwitchBlade

~Thanks in Advance.

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This is the first tricopter that look worthy of the the type of arial photography i'm interested in . Can it handle a mirrorless camera with telephoto ? How does it handle wind ? I need a copter that good at hovering for close up photo .

The airframe is definitely strong enough but for heavier payloads it would likely require a drive system upgrade to 5S or 6S voltages.  If the Kickstarter campaign (Link) goes well it will be on the short list of future offerings, likely as an upgrade kit so that people could get familiar with it and then upgrade if they feel a small lightweight HD camera isn't adequate.

Coastal flights in sustained winds of 22knots with gust up to 30knots were fine.  Much over 35knots would likely start to give you trouble, especially if it was a long way down wind of its intended landing location.

Hope this helps.

Yes . I looking at using a tricopter for close up shots of things like corn , soybean and wheat using a telephoto lense .  What about vibration . I might be using multispectrum camera for some application. Which means vibration could be a problem .  What about the use of a gimbal and a mirrorless camera with a long telephoto lense  (100-300 mm lense) . From the picture of the go pro on switchblade it would appear that a bigger and heavier gimbal might cause a problem , stress  . Great product and well thought out . Would love to see a demo in person once you are up and running and hitting the air show circuit .

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