New APM 2 fails to connect. No heatbeat packets received!!!!

I use windows 7 with all the drivers installed.

My PC recognise the Arduino Mega 2560 (Com port 20) and show the device as working. When I try to connect, the connection times out with the message:" No heatbeat packets received" The baud rate is correct 115200 as well as the com port. I have tried to connect after the GPS got a lock, it did not help.


Please help

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Have u installed the ftdi driver?

I'm not sure about Win 7, but in XP, with APM 1.0 u have to install it?

Also make sure u got the right com port, go thru them all and try different baud rates too.

Reboot your computer while apm is connected to the usb port.

I think I had this  "No heatbeat packets received" problem once too.

Will try to reboot.


No go any other suggestions?

perhaps attach the ArdupilotPlanner.log file found in the planner folder. This may contain some diagnostic issue. Also, what happens when you try to connect manually via a serial terminal program like Tera Term? And are you sure that baud rate is correct?

Log files appear o be empty. Baud rate correct. Will try tera Term as soon as I have downloaded it.


did you ever solve the problem.  i've got the same thing.  never had issues before.

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