I just noticed this at the Chinese on-line retailer, ThanksBuyer.com

They are pricing the bundled versions attractively.  Obviously made to compete against the APM micro 3.1

Flight controller

FC bundled with power supply

FC, power supply, GPS unit

If anyone makes the leap, perhaps you could keep us informed on your experiences.

Happy flying all!!

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I like this board connectors, easy to find and looks more safe than the Pixhawk ones but this one is 8 bits.

Hi everyone i am new to the form and i have couple of question regarding this flight controller
1 i would like to know if this controller supports gimbal and where to connect the wiring,
2 is it safe to use both power module and esc with bec togeather?

Anyhelp would be appriciated thankyou
Hi Nischal. Welcome to the forums.
1, I believe you can manually control your gimbal through this and any apm based flight control, but it won't do it automatically.
2. I wouldn't risk it. Currently my flight control is powered by bec only. I would say one or the other, not both.
Thank you for the quick reply scott. I am bit confused where does the gimbal wire go to apm still. Could you help me with this. And hows your apm performance regarding gps hold, loiter and mission cheers
With the gimbal control, you will have to 1. figure out which channel (s) you want to use on your radio, preferably sliders or knobs, and connect them to the appropriate input channel on apm. Output can be whichever output you choose. Once you have this connected you will have to go to mission planner and tell those channels what they are doing.
2. Are you using a brushless or servo gimbal? Servo gimbal the apm may power them. Brushless gimbal will need to be connected to the proper power source, while the signal wire will plug in to the apm.
3. If you are using an external controller but want to manually control pan/tilt/pitch, then connect signal wire between apm and controller.
4. Or you can bypass apm altogether and plug directly in to your receiver. Which this is nice if you will run a separate camera radio such as the inspire.

Have not gotten to try all the modes yet as the quad I am using this on was grossly in balanced so I had to tear it apart and start again. Ready to fly again so hopefully I will get a chance to fly this weekend.

Hope this helps.
Thankyou very much helped me a lot.
I will be using 2 axis brushless gimal on my quad and will be powering with 5v bec since i will be using 4s battery on my quad.
On last post you said i just need to use either power moudule or esc with bec does it mean that i dont need to use power module and can power up my apm only using esc cheers

"On last post you said i just need to use either power moudule or esc with bec does it mean that i dont need to use power module and can power up my apm only using esc"

This is correct, if you are going to be using on screen display then use the power module as that has voltage reporting. If not, skip the extra wiring and go the BEC route. 

Check with the motor manufacture before you settle on using 5v for control... i've had terrible results doing it that way. Bumped the gimbal power up to 12v and worked perfectly.

Hello all, I just wanted to add some more info on the subject.

Trying to set up the board yesterday for an airplane (w/ arduplane) I realized that the board, when powered by the PM is NOT powering the outputs servos. I had to add power to the output side as-well via an ubec. After that the servos where working well.

In summary, the PM module is powering the board, the inputs (receiver too) and the OSD & GPS.

For the Outputs, if you are using servos not motors, you need a different power source.


Hi paul thank you for bringing this up. So aru you using PM with ubec to power apm pro and sepreate esc with ubec to power up the servos. If so how many esc with ubec are you using to power up you servos which i belive you have tricopter cheers


I'm using the PM module to power the board and another single ubec (5A) to power the outputs, servos in my case as I'm using the board in an airplane (Bix3)

So I tried out This new little FC & it really looks great, nice build, quality materials. I have it on my new F450 frame. Everything has gone smooth with the firmware and the plugs are awesome I hate the DF13 or whatever they're called, those awkward little white DF plugs, they break easily and are painful if not impossible to fix especially with so many different GPS compass modules having random wiring colours and different configurations.

my "APM Pro mini Pix " won't recognise my compass. Does anyone else have a photo they can share with the proper way to connect the Compass? I'm thinking I may have had it one pin to far to the middle instead of right on the edge and maybe burnt out the compass. Any help would be great! Maybe I've already done damage by having it in the middle pins I think it's meant to be yellow far right middle above GPS with the green next to it horizontally. I had it one pin in to the left. Either way it's not being recognised. Error 99 on calibration with no movement of the live calibration.

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