I just noticed this at the Chinese on-line retailer, ThanksBuyer.com

They are pricing the bundled versions attractively.  Obviously made to compete against the APM micro 3.1

Flight controller

FC bundled with power supply

FC, power supply, GPS unit

If anyone makes the leap, perhaps you could keep us informed on your experiences.

Happy flying all!!

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Like I tried to say earlier Luke, the min APM pro does not do a compass calibration. It is an onboard compass which does not allow a calibration. If anyone has found a way around this factory setting it'd be good to know but they won't allow any kind of calibration in standard form. So you just load your firmware and set up your parameters etc. make sure the wiring is correct and that's all. There has been a lot of confusion with this controller because of this but they normally work just fine when you get GPS lock. I have two and the onboard compass works just fine without calibration.

Your RTL and GPS features works well?.. With your APM Pro?.. Where did you buy it?..

Hi everyone after putting my project away for a while i have decided to get back to it again so i bought a turnigy i6 transmitter from hobbyking and i have bind the reciver sucessfully but the connection from flight controller doesnot seem to be straight in. Can anyone help me with this issue. cheers

Hi Nischal,

We recommend the FS-i6s with FS-iA6B receiver, (http://www.banggood.com/Flysky-FS-i6S-2_4G-6CH-AFHDS-Transmitter-Wi...) but you should have no trouble connecting the output from your receiver (whatever was included with your i6 transmitter) to the input on your Mini APM Pro. You do need to use the special cables that came with your APM Pro, or you need to make some special cables. All connectors are standard DuPont. If your receivers has a PPM output, you can configure your Mini APM Pro for PPM as well. Think of it as an APM 2.8 with all DuPont connectors.


Thankyou for the reply its my first time so i am very nervous that ill blow things up.i have uploaded the picture. Am i doing things correctly?

Something seems to be wrong. You have a six channel receiver, but you have more than six channels connected. You even seem to have auxiliary channels connected. In the photo I sent the channels are clearly labeled (C1, C2, C3, etc.) There are also two pins for Vcc and two pins for ground. Send me a photo that includes both the Mini APM Pro and the RC receiver and I will let you know what is wrong. In any case, you are unlikely to damage either the Mini APM Pro or the RC receiver so long as you keep tabs on the Voltage and ground pins. 

i just thought six cables for six channel. I have no clue what i am doing so i need help.i have uploaded a picture what i did. I put 6 cables in apm pro and six cables to reciver from channel 1 to 6

Hi Nischal,

You might want to sign up for the DaVinci Challenge Build a Drone Workshop with Kashmir World Foundation. There are many things you are going to need to learn. For now, look in the box that came with your Mini APM Pro. You should find two cables that have three wires on one side and three, one wire connectors on the other. If you are having trouble finding the cables, search www.thanksbuyer.com for Mini APM Pro and take a close look at the cables that come with the flight controller. On the RC receiver, each output has three pins. The top pin is for signals, middle is for voltage, and bottom is for ground. All the voltage (middle) pins are common and all the ground (bottom) pins are common. So you only need to connect one of the voltage pins from the RC receiver to the Mini APM Pro and one of the ground pins from the RC receiver to the Mini APM Pro. The top pins are signals, so these need to be connected to the signals pins on the APM Pro. 

Thank you very much for making it clear for me. Now i hope ill be able to get my quad to fly.
Yes my RTL works. I haven't flown them in a while but they worked great when they were working last. I bought them from an Australian eBay member.

Ok thanks... But I think I will buy another one cause mine is not like the bangood one...
But which is better APM 3.1 or APm Pro?..

If you refer to mini apm 3.1 it's an old board now, in mini boards consider the pixracer it's supported developers it's 32bits, can use the 2mb,etc. http://www.auav.co/product-p/xr-v1.htm

You can use the latest firware and you are supporting developing with your purchase http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/pixracer-with-ardupilot?commentId...

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