I just noticed this at the Chinese on-line retailer, ThanksBuyer.com

They are pricing the bundled versions attractively.  Obviously made to compete against the APM micro 3.1

Flight controller

FC bundled with power supply

FC, power supply, GPS unit

If anyone makes the leap, perhaps you could keep us informed on your experiences.

Happy flying all!!

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OK now, that is an exceedingly slick piece of tech and has been added to my HK wish list! Great find and thanks for sharing!

Regarding the APM Mini Pro, I suppose, for that kind of money, one could just get one and test out the known options while connected to Mission Planner and see what works. I was just hoping to benefit from someone else's courage and curiosity before ordering one.

I ordered one but usually it takes a month to come to Italy..
So if you can hold some time your trigger.. :-)

I opened a ticket with the Help Desk at SDSHobby.com to have them ask the manufacturer about the PPM IN feature. The mfg reported that they had not tested PPM IN on the APM-Pro Mini, but SDS reports a number of their customers have used the standard APM PPM IN (PPM on ch1 with ch2+3 shorted) and it does work. Apparently.

I read a topic on apm mini that said to cut a trace between 2 ppm pads ND solder one ppm pad to ch5 pad on the board circuit to enable ppm on ch5.
If you take a look at this photo
On top left part there seems to be such kind of pads..
Let's see when it will come.
Also it would be nice if they publish the circuit scheme like it should be with open source hardware.
I saw those pads and wondered how to use them. Thanks for the information. What site did you find this on? It seems to have more specific info than I've been able to find elsewhere.


board arrived

Nice little piece of technic

Opened up it has the foam cover for the baro inside, separated from status led by some plastic protrusion from the upper cover.

I connected it to my laptop and uploaded the Arducopter Tri 3.2.1 without poblems, the FC works!

I made accel calibration and it levels correctly.

Now I must set it on my tricopter frame and then I'll post my impressions.



ok right now everything works
I installed a Crius ublox neo 7M with mag onboard, All Ok
3Dr radio clone ok
Power module OK
Frsky D4R-II in cppm mode (signal 3 and 4 with jumper). Just connect channel one to Input one on APM and bridge in2 and in3 with a jumper that comes with D4R-II.
I made the radio calibration ok.
Just one think I don't know.. Is JP1 installed on this board or not?
I am setting a tricopter. I think I'll connect the signal of the yaw servo to the apm (out 7) and I'll power it using a UBEC...
My three ESC are ZTW OPTO so all wires will be connected to outputs.

Thanks for the updates! Mine is in the process of clearing customs and should be here within the week. I'm looking forward to getting it into the quad and getting back in the air now that the good flying weather is here.

Hello Brian
today I made another test that is the JP1 presence/absence.
I think it is present on the board because I connected a UBEC to one of the OUT channel without Power module connected and the board started also with RX powered trough input1...
I think all positive rails are connected!
So be careful not to use bec from esc together with Power module/usb... May be you get a fried board..
Mine is on the frame, please as yours come take a look inside to see if there is any JP1 pad to be splitted/soldered..
Installed on my diy tricopter it flies really nice!!
All works fine, every calibration and setup was easy as pie.
Just one problem..
The power module, take care of it!
It produces 5,0V on the output VCC (usually it shold be 5,3V) and so apm has only 4,6V-4,2V in its circuits.
This could result in a brownout/reboot..

Thanks Pietro for the update.

So how you manage to power the board using the broken PM? or change with brand new one?

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