We set out to create the best aerial photography experience you ever imagined. This means the creation of a powerful drone to provide smooth, stable flight dynamics from the moment it takes off. Our drone is also a smart one: it manages the flight in a way that you can retake creative control and focus on getting great videos. People really want great shots and they wish to take them without professional tools. ERIDA enables them to get fabulous videos easily without the need to spend years getting trained as a professional drone pilot.

The ERIDA drone has a wide range of features, from manual flight and camera telemetric controls to fully automatic takeoff, flight and landing. Enjoy filming with ERIDA!

Availed direct control from RC remote or control from app screen, can use for FPV flights.


We are launch our campaign in Indiegogo : http://igg.me/at/erida

I am happy to follow up with any information 

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 Hi,  I'm looking to develop a device that attaches to drones and allows them to record 'hit's on participating drones using infra red laser.  Is this something you might be able to do?


Earl Brown

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