New Code Release Date- Still March?

Hello, I read where the new Arducopter Mega code was going to be released Feb/March and wanted to find out if that is still going to happen since March is almost over.

If it is coming within the week, I won't continue tuning the Pirates NG code too much further.





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  • IT IS OUT ?!?!!?

    is it possible ???


    I think we're gonna see a post on the homepage soon....



  • C'mon ! it's already Friday !
  • Its a midle of the week - so only 3 days left to anounce ACM!
  • Wohaa, the wiki is updated! Does this mean that ACM2 is officially released (in public beta, at least) and ready to use?
  • I think I hear a marching band.


    Maybe its all in my head.

  • They are makeing updates as we speak.... It's like christmas eve......  If santa does come it's gonna be a late night.    :0)
  • Any update?
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    I have seen no suggestion that it will be broadcast, but do you guys know if there will be a webcast of the AVC event?
  • Is Sparkfun AVC competition this week?
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    Fingers are crossed- Good luck, Gents!
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