Plates are 2.4mm carbonfiber/kevlar Red over cf cross lay. All parts are cut. Its 12" across so the arms are shorter. Aluminum folding arms (16x12mm cf tube) I tested the heavy 16 mm tube and its very strong. I designed the retracts with 2 motors per side and can each hold a 4s-10000 battery if I want to place them there. It is designed to hold my DYS eagle eye. I have the (8) 5010-360 motors and 18 x 5.2 folding props. Will be taking lots of pictures and uploading as I go along. motor to motor is  1225mm. The motor mount are my design with 4 rubber mount points that can be individually adjusted-made from 3mm cf (I tested the mounts with and without the rubber and gained about 40% less vibration). e-calc comes out to 58 min. hover with the 2 batteries and it has room for 4. Ill load pictures up to my website for easier viewing

Attached are pics of my plates on my cnc, the dys I built and its custom stand and the first design Hex with 2212-920's and 11" props that flies very stable.


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lights are switched. Front spots, on-off. Green/red led strips on a momentary that switch from off, alternating red/green, rotate around all 4 and all on. Should be quite visible.

Thanks, I was starting it up in the basement with no gps lock. Will take it outside today and see what happens. I do have telemetry installed and will be finish setting up tonight

This looks great! :)

Do you mind sharing the cnc files? :)

Those arms and legs look too thin for serious heavy lift work. This look more suited to endurance + medium lift capabilities.

The arms are 16 mm x 2 mm wall twice as heavy as standard arms and the legs of heavy lift are usually a single 25 mm tube which to me seem to twist all the time so I built mine with two 16 mm legs per side-a lot more holding capacity of a a single 2 5mm tube and 10 fold more stable. So far there is minimal flex in the 500 mm long arms with the 5010 motors turning 18x5.5 props-I have tested them a lot. The rigidity of the retracts are instantly noticeable compared to my hex with  heavy retracts, single 25 mm tubes.

I am lifting a DYS eagle eye and canon 60d camera and do not plan to lift any more than that (2800 grams) so maybe heavy lift is overstating!

In the future I will go to 25 mm tubes for the arms as they are cheaper and most people feel as you do that the 16 mm tubes look too small. Looks beefier but not really! With metal tubes the diameter of thin wall tube gives it the strength but I think with the way CF is structured the wall thickness is just as important as diameter-just my take-but I can't find anything to verify one way or the other.  

Why do the motors seem so small? Do you have specs on them?

RCTimer 5010/14 360kvh, I replaced the junk bearings with ceramic ones.

Model: D5010-14
Motor size: Ф50*10mm
Shaft insize: Ф5.0mm
Shaft outsize: Ф4.0mm
Weight: 80g 
KV(rpm/v): 360
Battery: 2-6Li-Po
ESC: 30A/40A

The octo or the hex? 

thanks for the info

Good luck with the rest of your project


Nice project, congrats. It is always very satisfying to learn and build isn't it?

You say you have motor mounts with four rubbers? Can you show details of these mounts ?

That is fantastic work Don.

I am curious to know if there are many discussions (or data) in the heavy lift community about vertical CG/pendulum stability and performance/endurance?  Just wondering if you get any endurance gains by running your motors under the arms so you can move your rotor disk a bit closer to where the vertical CG might be; assuming you do not bring the props too far into FOV.



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