Long time APM user, but am setting up a large hex with 3DR Pixhawk for the first time.

The hex is trying to flip on takeoff as soon as I spool up.

The log file shows that there is a significant desired roll:

Things I have tried:
1. confirmed multiple times that the motors are in the right channels and spinning the right direction
2. Reloaded the firmware (AC 3.2), confirmed Hexacopter 'x'
3. Redid accelerometer calibration
4. Checked all radio calibration and radio reversing.

If I spool it up in my hands at a very low throttle, the motors respond in the correct fashion to stick inputs and if I twist the frame around.

I have attached a log file. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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You probably find it easier to see what is happening with channels if you go to the fail safe page in mission planner or APM Planner 2.0

The RC calibration page remaps the channels based on RCMAP params

Hello Jonathan,

I've had some strange behavior like described. It was in an iris x4 using an apm 2.6. The  fact is it outputed much more in channels 2 and 3 than in the others. After that i realised that parameter RC1_TRIM was set to 1100 us or so, wich is too low. After correct it manually to 1500 us throttle goes well.

Must said: i had done channel arrangement in mission planner,not in transmitter, so:





piloting mode:2

Apparently, that parameter changes itself sometimes!so it's something you can try.

Pablo you are my hero thank you so much, I have been struggling with this problem for about 2 months. I did as you suggested and the problem is solved thanks again

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