Hello does anny one else try this new Ikarus OSD? Buy the spects this is just perfect! This is the link for those who whant to see it and also a few spects from the Electronicarc homepage.




- 5 Configulble displays: - 3 configurable flight displays (including hud F16)
- 1 Screen Fail Safe configurable - 1 configurable summary screen (maximum speed, total distance traveled , total time, ....)
- Autopilot, ComingHome and 31 WayPoint - Autopilot: IKARUS control aileron, elevator, rudder and motor
- Artificial horizon
- Pan Gain: Multiplication factor for the travel channel PAN. (180º) - PPM Control Input
- Telemetry (embedded in the video decoding using USB video capture)
- USB port for setup and adjustment IKARUS OSD with console
- Supports many GPS 10Hz (recommended Locosys LS20033)
- Camera Switch ( 2 video inputs )
- Auto BaudRate
- Charset Editor
- Assistant calibration and configuration: Sensor IR, RSSI, and servo current sensor
- Until 30 differents flight instruments in every screen: Aircraft speed, Altitude, Compass, Artificial Horizon, variometer, RSSI, number of satellites, Arrow Back home, battery voltage, motor instant consumption, battery level, total flight time, latitude, longitude, distance home, waypoint distance, alarms, odometer, horizontal and vertical antenna orientation. The settings can be: text, bar or F16 Hud

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So far no replys for this!! I guess this OSD haven´t had much publicity but i have to say its a very good item. I would like to exchange some ideas but so far no one interested. I will try to put all the parts together including the airframe and then i will make a report for it. Buy the way does any one can tell me how can i change the MediaTek MT3329 GPS 10Hz + Adapter from the default Binary Protocol to NMEA. Because i have buy that for the IKARUS but so far i could´t make the change of protocol.
Hi Luis, I'm Oscar from Spain.
At this moment I have the same interests as you. I'm making a mega ardupilot and I would like to know what kind of OSD I can install on my ArduPilot. I would use also the ardupilot telemetry through XBee, but in 2.4 Ghz frecuency.
Hello Oscar you dont really need to send the telemetry true Xbee because if you use the Ikarus it will send the telemetry data along with the video.
Looks like it's more than just an OSD, it's an autopilot! Hard to imagine it's complete for only 120 euros but maybe someone should buy, test and report back!

It sounds almost too good to be true.  Tonight was the first time I saw it.

If it supports Antenna tracking I will buy one to try I think.  But I do not see where it says Antenna tracking.

Hello William i guess that antenna tracking it stills under development buy they will get there!


Well my original plan was to use Eagle eyes Ground station.  But Ikarus looks like a possible better package for the  price.  I need antenna tracking right now. The OSD is just a bonus.

What Im not too cool with is its transmission on the edge of the video stream. But.  I do like free'ing up an audio channel.

I just have never heard of it and wonder how it performs for real.

If anyone is interested in a COMPLETE KIT ikarus osd with all accessories.
only 286 euro instead of 466€   LINK


I'm just waiting for someone to productionize a "Y" telemetry cable for the 2.5+ connector, so chubby fingered clumsies like me can just plug-and-play a mimumOSD into the normal telemetry.

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