Hi, we have a new NVIDIA Jetson TX1 carrier board dedicated for drones. It started as a part of tactical UAV project for Lithuanian Ministry of Defence, and now we are offering it to all drone manufacturers and users.

Our PIXEVIA CORE X1 module was created and dedicated for UAVs from day one. It features onboard 3D accelerometer, 3D gyro, 3D compass, barometer together with SD-card, 2x USB3, 2x USB2, 3x UART, HDMI, 8x GPIO, miniPCIe, CSI, I2C, CAN BUS, PWM.
All connectors are ruggedized, temperature range: -20 / +85 ‘C.

It also perfectly works with our AI image processing framework. For more information please visit our website - http://www.pixevia.com/p-core?i=s60.

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I doubt I could afford what you are going to ask for it,  but it looks really nice.  I use a Pixhawk 2.1 with Edison.  This would be the next logical jump up. 

It would be perfect for me if it integrated an LTE modem,  and GPS.   Are these manufactured in Lithuania?  Could probably make a ton of money and get tons of contributions to improve your software if you came out with your own "Pixhawk" and made it play nice with Ardupilot.

Heck or even make it compatible with the new Pixhawk cube.

Price ?

Sounds nice, but without pricing we can not compare it to the Connect Tech and Auvidea carrier boards (which have prices on the net). The same problem we face with AverMedia and Aetina (ACE-N510) products.  

Paulius, I don't know if I 'm the only one (I doubt it) but when I see a "contact us for quote", my fingers spasm and close the browser while I start developing an aversion for the company involved.

A price tag would be appreciated

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