ok, so I currently have setup

The Pixhawk FC



4 DJI 920 Motors

TBS Discovery Plates

Spektrum DX7 for remote

Spectrum Satellite receiver plugged directly into the FC

Everything was going fun until I tried to hook the ESCs and Motors to the FC.

Now when I connect the batter to the Power Module that came with the FC the FC comes up fine but the Motors start making a beeping sound and vibrate a little, like they are trying to spin.  If I unplug all the motors then no sound is present.  But when I plug them back in it starts up again.  

I have read things about the low throttle but I got that set below 1000 and still not working, any other suggestions? 

Also with this setup do I need the BEC or can i lose it?

EDIT:   Things I have tried 

NOTE:  When I say ESC is beeping, When I unplug the motors from the ESCs and plug everything in nothing beeps, but when I plug the motors back in, even just one, they beep.  Not sure if this is normal.

1.  Remove the Power Module that came with the FC and just supply straight power to the Frame (PDB build it) which powers the ESC to Motor Directly.  Motors beep about every second and vibrate a little. 

2.  Plug Power Module in without FC behing plugged in then plug in battery.  Motors still beep every second and vibrate a little.

3.  Plug in battery to Power Module but not to frame let FC power up then plug in frame.  Motors still beep every second and vibrate a little.

4. Plug Power Module in to battery while connected to frame.  let flight controller boot up, motors still beeping and vibrating a little.  Then I press and hold the saftly switch to solid red.  Motors start beeping very fast.  

I have read from here that the beep every second could mean Input signal abnormal and the steady beep could mean Throttle Stick is not at bottom.    

I am at a lose I have been on the internet all night and found things and tried them but no luck...and now on top of that when I go to callibrate my remote the Throttle stick isnt picking up it is putting the pitch switch for both pitch and throttle and I change the channel in the settings but it just changes back.  This was working before but then I rebound the remote and not its not.  

any help would be awesome guys, this is my first build. 

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I posted how i did that below. You have to set you rates yo like 150% both ways, up and down. You may noy have to do this though. What is you issue exactly? If the escs are beeping quickly then the throttle isnt low enough. When you adjust the rates make sure yo to recalibrate the radio in the mission planner software.

Yes I saw that and tried that very thing. However, the trim stop moving at 1078!

Crazy....is there a way to make it 'Keep going"? yo...it makes a sound, sound, sound....sound,,,then nuthin...

Now I'm trying to figure out how to move the updates to an sd card when I have no sd card read/write.

Can you save your radio setup and send it to me? U R using a Dx7s, correct?

Dont move the trim put the trim back in the center.  Then go into the settings on the Tx and look for "Travel Adjust"  Like this.  Click select until you get to Thro L and use increase and adjust to get it to 150%  do the same for H by pushing the throttle stick up and you will see the arrow move.  You want to do it this way because if you dont it will mess with your Middle Throttle and when you switch modes you will see the quad drop or climb quickly, you can do some other things to set the Mid thottle as well you can see that here.   Full Table of Contents- Highley Recommend reading everything if you are new to mission planner, great stuff. 

Once you set your Travel Adjusts you can then re calibrate your remote in mission planner and you should see that it now goes below 1000.  But if you are not getting a very rapid and alarming beeping from the ESCs AFTER you press and hold the Safety switch till it turns solid red then this may not be your issue.  If you haven't watched the video below watch it that is how it should sound. 

You should get a Beep......Beep......Beep about a second apart when you plug in the battery and the FC is booting up.  Then when you hold the safety switch until its solid they should make a musical tone and go silent, if not and the beep like crazy then the thottle is not all the way down. 

Like I said though if you are getting something different then you could have a different issue. 

Here is a wiring guide using the TBS plates, it helped me even though its with an APM2.5

Another thread i found when looking at my issue, might have something for you as well. 

Yep Seen that thread. Note: my motors never twitched. The esc boots with 2 happy sound beeps. waits a sec, and then goes into a steady beep...beep...beep unless a press and hold the safety button. Then the beeps are continuous...beepbeepbeepbeep...

I think this is my issue. Also great advise on following/reading top to bottom. Exactly what I'm doing. Not to eager to see my creation crashed and trashed!!! (hopefully never...already lost one Phantom and a go pro)

Anyway, if you look carefully at my previous post, I am asking if you have a DX7S..(see photo)

It doesn't appear to have anything like Travel Adjust.

Crazy...seems like that would given. 

Ive got a call into spectrum support...maybe that's what the 's' is for...support. Better than a few other superlatives I could come up with, but hope give up on it just yet.

3DR seems to have fairly responsive email support. Very pleased, even after I sent a pretty snooty email late one night after a long, frustrating day of trying to get the thing working...they were kind and professional. I can make it fun or exasperating and sometimes I just gotta walk away for a few days.

got thru to support. They showed me how to adjust travel. 

I did. No change. beep beep beep. That's all I get. Oh well. on to the next "fix".

I set everything up exactly as in photo. Re-calibrated in APM, re-binder for sh*ts and grins. Min throttle at 998.

Nuthin. nada. zip. 

Here's the clue: In the video, when you power up, there is the song of the PH, and then the steady beeps. I get the song, then 2 beeps. 2 second pause. Beeps start up. Now, however, when I press the ARM button, it no longer beeps incessantly, but again pauses for 2 secs, and the droning beep-beep-beep. On and on. and on. 

Just to clarify: You mentioned in an earlier post that you do not require the BEC, but that you use it where it is needed. Correct?

So if you unplug the BEC completely from your circuit, you arm/fly the copter? correct?

I'm asking because that's what it is down to now. It is the only thing I haven't tried.

Hi Josh. Do you have a FW? Are you using a Spektrum DX? Are you using a BEC? I adjusted my travel to below 1000 and still have the problem.

Does yours beep twice, pause and start beeping, or does it just go into the beeping?



Yes I undestood that I needed the BEC to power the flight controller, which would be correct if I wasnt using the Power Module that came with the FC.  I could remove the BEC or the Power Module and my quad would still fly but the Power Module is the best way to get clean power to the FC.  

My BEC plugs into one of the open rails on the back of the FC.  

Make sure you have your ESC cables are plugged in correctly, for me the Orange wire was the signal cable.  Not saying this is the issue but just thinking of things to check.  

Can you post a video of what yours is doing so we can see the issue clearer?  

I have the same Problem with a F550 ARF kit.

With a oscilloscope and a servo tester i have found that the minimum pulse-length of the pwm signal is to long. The ESC initializes at 1.07ms. The minimum-value from pixhawk is 1.17ms. The THR_MIN value is already 0 and negative values has strange effects.

It seems to be a bug/incompatibility in the firmware.

Wow. Nice catch.  Andreas! (I used to work with a guy named Andreas Budinsky.  He was a mentor to me)

I'm assuming you mean in the Pixhawk firmware(?)... if so, note to Cody et. al., do NOT update to latest firmware! (:-0)

Have you reported it to 3DR yet? Do you need any assistance in documenting/reproducing?

Please let me know if I can help. I'm sure 3DR will address if they are aware of it.

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