Can some one re-assess the choice of adding those

"glow" effect menu entries on the site. Things look quite bleak now in navigating DIY DRONES

and is not a good improvement in my opinion. I begin to question if my eyesight has gone worse

and such. Things have become more "cloudy".

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Yeah, I'm not crazy about them either. They're something that Ning turned on and I'm trying to figure out how to turn them off?
There is the "shadow" property on the css file, this has three values (ex -moz-box-shadow: 0px 0px 10px), the first two is the direction and the third is the shadow area. As far as I can see now it is set to big values (ex 10px) which is too much. If you have access to the css file of the website and change it to 1 or 2px it will be OK. I don't know the ning setup but I think that should do the trick.
IKE, thanks for that--very helpful. It's worse on Chrome than it is on Firefox, but I'll fiddle with the CSS as you suggest and see if I can turn it down.
Update: That worked. I also raised the type size. How does it look now?
Much better :)
Yes much better thanks. Case closed on my part.

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