New to Ardupilot and Need some help! Difference between APM and my setup?

I recently bought this setup:

Ardupilot main board (ATMega 328) 
V2 Shield 
EM406 GPS 
FMA X Y and Z sensors 
FTDI programming cable 
All interconnecting cables

I was wondering what the difference between this setup was and the original Ardupilot Mega is?

Any one who has my setup, I have the manual and it seems straight forward but any tips for a new UAVer?

I am very skilled in RC and FPV and wanted to try my hand at UAVing.

Thanks for everything!

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Hi Tassos!!!! You're my only hope!!! I have an ardupilot and a em-406 gps, no shield. I have also a FMA copilot, but for now i'd like to test it only with gps, on a rover or on a plane, even on the ground for testing the rudder movement. Can i upload the last version of ardupilot (2.7.1)?

Steve : wise choice, going for the APM 2 will make things easier.

Luca : upload the 2.7.1 and also d/l the config tool global. and we start from there

ok, i'll do it!!!!! On the back of the board i have to solder 1 or 2 wires? in some guide i've seen only 1 wire

2 wires as on the wiki the one cable was the old method

Ok, done. 2 wires soldered. 2.7.1 loaded. In config.h i've changed position3 from fly by wire to auto (i'm using an hitec optic 6, 2 switch position, toggle between position 1 and 3). This in the line that i suppose i must modify... #define SHIELD_VERSION    -1 (no shield), #define AIRSPEED_SENSOR 0, #define GPS_PROTOCOL 1 (em-406), #define ENABLE_Z_SENSOR 0. For now i'm on the right way?!?! ps very VERY thanks!

Now, after few minutes (indoor, in my house!!) i've got a solid blue led and red blink on em-406, on debug of gps out i can see the right lat.long. red power led on, other led of. if i move the switch on position 3, go in auto mode and red mux led goes on. All ok for now?!

i need the bind plug for test only with gps module? I NEED INPUT!!!! (tribute to johnny know?!)

ok, i think that with 2.7 no more need the bind plug, right? so.... from the config file i setup no shield, gps work fine, from the debug i see the distance from waypoint that i loaded increase/decrease as i approach the point... but i don't see some significant movement on the rudder servo!!! why!?!?! how can i understand the problem?? please help me tassos!!!


You will need either the FMA thermopiles or ArduIMU v2 to fly this thing. Try increasing Nav_Roll_P to increase response.

Ok, i'll check this!!!! I have also an FMA, but for now i'd like to test it only with gps and on the ground, just to verify the correct work of the rudder servo, it's possible? just like on a rc car.... or on a plane but on the ground!!


That's the point though.

You are using (I believe) a totally unsupported configuration (no FMA or IMU). so how do you know the rudder would work without these? What if the code is waiting for an input from one of these? What happens if you don"t get it? Best to stick to expeted configurations.

It's no possible to test only with gps, no stabilization? FMA it's used for stabilization, right?

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