New to Ardupilot and Need some help! Difference between APM and my setup?

I recently bought this setup:

Ardupilot main board (ATMega 328) 
V2 Shield 
EM406 GPS 
FMA X Y and Z sensors 
FTDI programming cable 
All interconnecting cables

I was wondering what the difference between this setup was and the original Ardupilot Mega is?

Any one who has my setup, I have the manual and it seems straight forward but any tips for a new UAVer?

I am very skilled in RC and FPV and wanted to try my hand at UAVing.

Thanks for everything!

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So my question is, it's possible to test an ardupilot only with gps, no fma, no shield, no airspeed..?!

Hi luca,

Forgive typos, on the Ipad which is terrible for typing!

I think you're coming at this from the wrong angle. You already have legacy hardware, you are now trying to take it out of a supported config before youve even confirmed it works. Why not connect the FMA, see if it works, and if it does, you know you need it. If you remove it and it stops working, you know for sure the code needs input from FMA or IMU. Dont jump from nothing to an unsupported config. Start with a text-book setup and then move awy to the setup you want.

Good luck!

you're right!!! ok, i'll try with fma but... can i plug the sensor without shield?! direct on the ardupilot board? And, in the config, i set the shield version -a (no shield), right?


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