Hey guys im building a few drones that we will use in our MILSIM scenerios for Live video feed from the air and ground..I want them to run autonomous via google map plotting what would be the best set up to go with ..thanks in advance..


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I am running a spectrum aircraft reciever 7 channel and have an arduino mega.just not sure what to add to the mega and the propper scetch to upload..


Happy New Year to all

First, sorry for my English, it's a Google translation, I'm French.

My plan: to makel a sailboat independently, I am equipped with an Arduino Mega, GPS EM 411 and a few other sensors.
I have discovery after ArduPilot ... As I am at the beginning, we will wait until I rose to buy.

I looked at the code for Ardurover but I admit I'm a little confused to fit my equipment.
Can someone help me?


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