New to Arduplane, need simple answer on aileron setup - Pixhawk/Plane 3.4.0

I've successfully completed the build of a Skywalker 1880, and it's almost ready to go, however, I'm struggling with how to setup the aileron mapping.

I'm using the Pixhawk with latest ArduPlane build 3.4.0. ESC is a E-Flite 60A/1250kV motor, micro-mini servos on the wings, 10g's in the rear. RX/TX combo is DSM2. Powered up, things are working, but not tuned, just default settings.

Here's the question: The ailerons go into Pin 1 of the Pixhawk, others are all right (2 for elev, 3, throttle, 4, rudder). Do I need a special Y-Cable for the ailerons? And, do they need to be reversed as to not send that same input direction (therefore leading to a flap dynamic), or no? Totally baffled by this, and nowhere in the Plane setup guides does it tell you this... 

Thank you in advance, it is much appreciated!


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Yes, ailerons are usually controlled with a Y-cable connected to Output 1

Thanks for the reply, Chris. Just a standard splitter, like this? Assuming when rudder mix is setup, everything will work as planned?

Yep, that's it. When you do the setup, make sure you get the directions of everything right. Remember that you have to first set the normal/reverse directions in your RC transmitter (for manual flight) and then make sure that the autopilot has the correct directions, too (for auto flight). Details are here

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