Hi all, when searching the Net for nice looking Domes I can find a Lot.

But I cant find Flat Looking Domes for my DIY Projects. So I made now for me and all Multicopter Pilots Three Size of Domes. Made from PP 0,8mm, Very very Tough but flexi too.

Sale as raw , means there is a 20mm Border around. Ideal for the millions af Frames on this Planet, to make your own Holder, Slots, Holes and what ever. Even as a Bowl for Champange after the Maiden Flight.

Please Lock here :





Dome 1, 190mm Diameter, Top 60mm, High 55mm , 45gramm

Dome 2, 150mm Diameter, Top 50mm, High 80mm, 37gramm

XXL Dome 3 ,240mm Diameter, Top 90mm, High 120mm, 90gramm

For Question, Price and Ordering Info please  contact me - Mail to Mike   rchelihalleberlin@freenet.de

-------------------------------120 % made by Me and Made in Germany---------------------------------------

Sincerly Mike

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Hi Mike

I have built model aircraft for years and want to start playing with quadcopters. I'm thinking of scratch building a blue foam airframe to test full body shapes. My son has built a couple of stick frames and has the flight gear working. what I would like to try is one shape similar to a Frisbee and another one based on on old flying saucer I had in the sixties. What I am interested in is the airfoil or lifting shape. How will the airflow from the motors flowing through the shape affect the lift? I don't see very many other people building bodies that extend out past the rotors. 



Mark Sutton

Hi Mark, my Domes do not extend out past to Motors. Id did not work , if do build it that way.. It will have to much Turbulence, no way. But you can..........

You need to have Large Holes in the Ufo Shape like Body. The Holes must have good Airflow , so make the Holes maybe 5mm bigger than the Prop dimension.


Yes you make a good point, the cowl around the props will have to be engineered to allow smooth airflow. The prop, motor, and battery combination may need to change as well, maybe more like a ducted fan. It would be nice to see this modeled in a wind tunnel to see how the air flows too. What I would like to know is the transitional lift created by the body when you begin forward flight.

The current pod and boom configuration doesn't seem to offer much lift. My thinking is that if you can design a circular lifting body you can increase flight times dramatically. Another thought is what if you spin the aircraft in forward flight? Again like a Frisbee, can you reduce the work of the avionics to save battery life during forward flight? 

Hi all, near one Year Later.

Now I have a 3Axis CNC and a New Workshop. The Last Days the CNC Motors runnig hot.

We will open soon a " madeingermany " Multicopter Parts Shop.

We will have my frist design Multicopter Domes and NEW Stylish Domes and MK Domes too.

We have the only Unbreakable Material on Market for Domes yet. The Video says all.

Inquiries Welcome. Send " Domes " to rchelihalleberlin@freenet.de

Shop Page http://madeingermany.jimdo.com/

Hi all,

Time goes by.  Now you can Order my Last Universal Multicopter Dome the ARROW here Multicopter Dome Arrow

In white PET or clear Pet.

Go for it..............


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