Newbie here and I have gotten myself in way over my head. I need some help from anyone who can provide it.

I have run into what seems to me to be a huge problem after a pretty bad crash. It was on the first flight of my new E382 LR set up. I followed the checklists to the letter and got the thing up in the air. I had loaded a set of WPTs before I launched it and once it went through the initial RTL, I switched it to auto. It looked like it was working but ended up nose diving into a tree from at least 300 feet. The airframe is messed up pretty badly, but it can be fixed with a little creative work. The problem I have is that the Turnigy controller no longer works. Baffling, right? Well, not so much...

The airplane is set up with a Dragon Link board that says V2.81 and this has 3 wire bundles that are connected to the APM box. Apparently when the aircraft crashed, the wires were disconnected from the Dragon Link board. I can't figure out where they go. I have looked far and wide for a pinout diagram of the DL thing, but it doesn't exist.

To further complicate things, I decided to try and hook them back up and managed to get the thing to hook up partially. It still won't communicate with the controller at all, but I can get the aircraft to respond via telemetry link to control inputs in APM Mission Planner using my simulator yoke and throttle quadrant. It works on the bench but I am afraid to try to fly it like this.

Does anyone out there know where to connect the wires between the APM and the DL board? Any help at all will be very much appreciated!

I have attached a picture that kind of shows how I have it hooked up. I know it isn't the greatest, but it may help show how it is SORTA working now and how it really needs to go.


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Hi Ken,

Did you have tested switches flight mode, before the flight?

To setup DL with APM, just:

CH8 wire from APM to DL RX CH6

CH1 from APM goes to CH1 DL RX

Jumper wire from transversal jumper from CH 2,3,4 APM goes to 2,3,4 on DL RX

Good luck!

I tested every single bit of it on the bench and just before launching. I played with it all for 2 days going thru the checklists and everything else to make sure I knew what I was doing.

Which direction do the wires go? I am afraid I might hook them all up backwards.

I have them hooked up and nothing from controller to airplane. The control surfaces are all locking up in extreme positions. Single red LED on the DL board. The blue LED isn't on.

Holy crap that fixed it!!!!! Except that now my throttle is all the way up and won't go down.

Okay. Fixed the throttle problem...kind of. I calibrated the radio channels and the throttle will go all the way down but it won't go all the way up. I bet this was the problem earlier. The throttle channel is not sending the right signal to tell the motor to spin at full speed.

EDIT: The throttle problem is back. It acted like it wanted to work but all of a sudden the motor kicked on all by itself.

Just try reset APM, and test it. Will empyt any mission in APM. Prevent accidents, removing propeller!!

Doulble check wires from ESC to APM, maybe here the problem. Or test with other ESC, to certify that APM is OK.

Good luck and cheers from Brazil!


I reset the APM and even tried booting the APM with USB before I hooked the battery up and the motor still turns on once the APM has finished checking all of the servos.


I am thinking that the ESC is the problem here since everything else seems to check out. I powered the whole thing up after I disconnected the motor from the ESC and the ESC sits there and buzzes. I bet that the crash really screwed the thing up.

Does this make sense? I honestly have no clue what I am doing trying to trouble shoot the thing, but the flight control surfaces all seem to check out once it is all booted up. The motor is the only problem in that it won't turn off. I tried recalibrating the radios several times and that did absolutely nothing to help.

Hi Ken,

In your radio calibration did you select to reverse the throttle?  If you didn't try reversing it.

And of course if reverse is selected try de-selecting it.

Also if you have a spare ESC now would be the time to put it in and see if it the problem.  Or try this ESC in a plane that you know is good.

Hi Steven,

Yes, I tried to reverse the throttle and received an error message when I tried it. I wish I had another airplane to try the ESC in, but I don't. There is an RC hobby shop here in town and I plan to go there tomorrow to get another ESC and maybe even a larger motor.

There is a huge learning curve to this hobby. My best friend's brother apparently does this so I may be taking the whole setup to him this week to figure out.

Just out of curiosity, why is anything plugged into the APM (or the receiver for that matter) sideways? I've never seen this done before and can't find any reference to it in the documentation.

Apparently it is just taking a signal from those 3 channels off the DL board.

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