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I'm a photographer looking to get into flying a hexa/octocopter for aerial filming purposes. I have about a year of experience with video, working on commercial spots all over the midwest. 

My only flying experience is with a small Blade copter. While I know there will be a big leap from that to a multi rotor copter, I figure I just need to dive in. 

So my question is, where can I go to put together a solid list of parts to build one. I don't have the funds to drop $10,000 on a RTF product. I want to learn how everything works. I think building my own will greatly benefit me. 

I know I can google "building an octocopter". But I need to know what parts are better than others. What I can sacrifice as far as the BEST and MOST EXPENSIVE  parts. Where I will be fine with getting an off-brand part. And where is the best place to purchase the parts. 

Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated. 


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Hi Michael,

Just found your thread and wanted to see if you've made any progress. I'm in the exact same boat you were a month ago. Itching to get started but just haven't clicked "buy" yet. I was going to take the above advice and buy the F450 kit ( What did you end up doing?

Any advice for me?

Thanks a million!


Samuel - 

I, like you, have yet to press "buy". I'm still debating… I do think the 450 is the way to go. 

It's a hard choice!

It is a hard choice! 

The APM 2.6 is so expensive too. I think I'll go with the KK2 but it looks scary. I'm not so confident that I can put this thing together properly.

Would love to see a complete DIY basic setup list.

Anyone have any input on the "Mystery" brand of copters?

I did an eBay search for the Flamewheel F450, and there were some listings that popped up that had the band name of Mystery. Basically looked like a generic version of the flamewheel.

And since I don't know much about all the electronics, I'm not sure if this would be worth looking into (because of its price), or if I should avoid it. 


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