Hi all,

I'm mid flow in gaining enough experience to fly my Nex5 with a 16mm lense but shooting direct down to the ground.

Do you know if there is a way of bouncing the live view off the Nex5 to an iPad so I can see what the Nex5 is seeing so I can hit the remote shutter to get my desired shot.

Any help will be really appreciated.


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You can use Slingbox and "sling" it to your iPad, but that means you need a server that would need to be attached to the FPV receiver. Easiest way is to just switch to a Windows tablet or laptop that can directly attach to the FPV gear.

Thanks Mike,

Will I need a second camera or can I work this off the nex5?

I just found this product today.  I would like to buy it to try it, but its like $1500 USD.


I'm not that familiar with the Nex5. Does it have a composite video out while recording? If not, you can get an FPV kit that has a tiny camera with it like this one.


Hey Kristian,

Sorry for going off topic. But am very curious to see if you did end up finding a way of controlling the camera zoom remotely?


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