Hi Guys it has come time to get a new frame as my old quad one is getting cramped and the weight with camera and FPV equipment is realy hindering stability.

So my question to you, I like the Xaircraft Hexa frame and the Xaircraft  X8 frame but I can not decide which one would provide the best stabillity for aerial video.  The main thing that I like about the X8 frame is that it can be folded for transport, 

Please share your thoughts.





Regards Pete

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Pete, I have a Monster HEXA that uses the (SIX)OS 750 motors with 60 AMP ESC, I use the Wookong system for this 

and of course its incredibly stable.

I am builing a new quad that will fit inbetween that monster and a regular 550, The fram is a 675 from innova8tive (scorpion distributer)  I am building this because I wanted to use the scorpion motors. I have used every kind of motor before but scorpions. So I am using the 30 mm series II motor with the scorpion 30AMP ESCs. I think that frame would give you the real estate your after. Then you can use whatever system you want. ardu or even a NAZA controller.

I just built an XAircraft hexa.  You can see it here.


I would think the hexa would be more stable than only 4 points of lift.

Couple of things-

First, the XAircraft hexa had a little shorter arms than the jDrones hexa I had, by about 2.5 inches.  Also, the blade size maximum is 10" because of the shorter arms, so I can't try 12", even if I wanted to. 

Second, I wouldn't buy from goodluckguys unless there was a compelling reason to.  A lot of people have had trouble getting what they ask for with them.  Go to http://www.dronesvision.com/quadcopters?sort=pricedesc, plus it's cheaper by about $80. I bought mine from Dronevision (in Taiwan) and literally had it delivered to me in California in less than 48 hrs. 

I think you are good with either of them.  Carbon Fiber center sections and rods, tuff plastic arms with very nice brass thread insertions.  The dimensional accuracy was within .005" hole to hole, hex head metal screws and some plastic screws.  Realy solidly built frames.



After seing your HEXA I am just about sold, do you have any videos of the setup flying?

Also where did you get the dome from.

Also thanks for replying.

Regards Pete


I do have video, but my wife has decided that after 30 years we need to remodel and the place is in shambles.  I feel like Bear Grills hunting for food and shelter.  So, sorry I can't really get the video thing until I get situated, which could be several weeks.  I'll try, but no guarantees. 

I got the dome for about $6 (so I bought 4) from BG Micro out of Texas (http://www.bgmicro.com/ACS1454.aspx).  It's 9.25" diameter and works great.  I can show you a way to attach that seems to work really well.

I have yet to put a camera on it, but I am sure it will do great at lift and stability.  I am new to doing any RC stuff so I am just taking my time learning how to fly and control auto modes back to manual modes without things going haywire.  I am working on the sonar now and I think the mount will work out very nicely (the board setup on sonar is about the most mount un-freindly thing I have ever seen designed).

No prob on the reply, happy to help where I can.

I'd like to see your camera setup.  I am thinking GoPro after looking at a number of options like Contour, Canon G12, etc.  But I like the idea of the gopro and it quality for the size.


One more thing I wanted to mention.  When I go out to get another copter, i am not sure what I will get.  I very well may get the Y6 you are looking at.  i really like the idea of folding and fitting in a smaller space for transport.  That looks very convenient to me and I can only fit me and my copter in the Porsche.  If I want to take along a passenger and a copter, I am driving the other car.  My hexa may fit with passenger if I break it down a little (take off the props, landing gear), but I haven't tried that yet.  I really do like the idea of that Y6.  Either way, anything I get would have to carry a camera, particularly the copter that is most transportable.  Taking it on vacation or a weekend get away for some shots at the beach, in the mountains or while out fishing is of interest to me.  Having it fold down to fit in a carrying case would be nice.

I just realized you said X8 - the above talks of Y6. My bad. But if the X8 is foldable it would have the same advantages.

Hi Dusty sorry for the late repply but work has been hectic.  At the moment I use the Sony Bloggie PM5 it has a tilting head and does live video out, shoots quite well at 720f 60fps.  The hexa is definately the way to go for me, I already have 6 Hecker motors with esc in the drawer.



Here is my video.


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