Just noticed that

Nitroplanes' has a flying prototype of the RQ-11 featured on a pair of  YouTube videos. 

Model appears to be a final test version, as they've created copies of plans and other

packaging details which would only exist if they were planning to go to market with it. 


I've also checked their website but didn't find any reference to this kit.  I'll keep this

topic updated as more information becomes available.


Here are the links to the two YouTube clips they've posted on this so far.







Note: Photo from US Army, is similar but not

identical to actual version featured in video.

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Andrew ,

Thank you sir  excellent !!!

Here's some additional photos which may be of interest to anyone

looking to build this model.  Note, it also appears the builder has

more than one version under construction, including one with a

landing gear and steerable tail wheel.



Andrew ,

keep them coming  because i am going to be dong the tail boom servo setup to both of mine

it would appear that that he is using the FMA co pilot  on the non landing gear build

Hello everyone!!

As the rest of you I too was excited for this plane and ordered one for experimentation mainly.

We at Aerosight have just created some things for the plane.


  • CNC cut G10 wing ribs for joining the wings together. They also allow for adding on pods to the lower joiner area of the wing.
  • CNC cutout motor plate
  • Drop down 360 pan/tilt camera... (This will be a DIY instructional) after we test everything in flight
  • We chose to make everything come apart. tail boom is held with a lock pin, Servos in the tail tube so it can be taken apart without taking off tail linkages etc..

 The wings have to CNC plates that join up and you use a screw or other device to secure them (Instead of velcro or tape)

We put a pilot camera facing forward in the nose, a secondary in the left sid (For side viewing) and installed a 3" dome camera that drops from the huge cargo bay. So far we havent made bomb doors that cloe via servo. Weve just left the cut out open for now. The ptz camera drops out of the bottom via servo linkage. The cameras housing is actually a paintball hopper tube which is plastic and very light when cut down.


go to ning.com and type in aerosight. Everyone is free to join in.Our site is mainly for mapping and FPV..


Dave Skala


Wow! This looks awesome
Where can I order the wing connectors?

Dave Skala

how much for two sets of the wing connectors for two complete wings  ? i am very interested in them

i have also tried to join your community  but it says pending !!!


Great idea!  Where can I get the wing and tail mods for easy transportation? 

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