Just noticed that

Nitroplanes' has a flying prototype of the RQ-11 featured on a pair of  YouTube videos. 

Model appears to be a final test version, as they've created copies of plans and other

packaging details which would only exist if they were planning to go to market with it. 


I've also checked their website but didn't find any reference to this kit.  I'll keep this

topic updated as more information becomes available.


Here are the links to the two YouTube clips they've posted on this so far.







Note: Photo from US Army, is similar but not

identical to actual version featured in video.

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I'll be publishing some videos in the morning.  Probably late but may still help.

Would the RQ-11 make a good plane for a beginning pilot?  I notice some mentioning its speed and am wondering if it would be too fast for someone starting out.

It's nowhere near as slow as an Easystar or similar, but it's pretty docile in how it flies. I think the flight characteristics aren't going to catch a beginner out, but being made of fibreglass and balsa, it's not the toughest plane in the world and it's much harder to repair than foam.

I'd recommend a foam aileron plane like the Easystar 2/Bixler. It will fly better than the raven, it can be repaired in minutes at the field and will be a better trainer.

The RQ-11a was ended? In Nitroplanes last 2 months is "out off stock".

Andrew, let me know about. I'm interested in this UAV.



   I still have a NIB PROJECT RQ-11 which I purchased when they first became available. 

If you're interested feel free to get in touch with me.  Offering it for $135.00 plus shipping.


Andrew Van Der Plaats

C/O adorsai@aol.com

Thanks for everyone's interest.  I sold the kit to a buyer in Thailand.


Thanks again,

Andy V.

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