I've been testing my purple board through the USB and it works good enough to replace an ArduPilot Mega 1 on an EasyStar.  Everything is connected and the power jumper is in so the ESC is supplying system power.

But, the APM2 will not start up on either ESC or UBEC power.  Even wired in, it still boots on the USB power, as it has always done.  The APM1 never had any problems with power on this plane and another APM1 always works on a T-28.

Has anyone seen this problem with ESC/UBEC power? 

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MarkO: Try leaving it for a few minutes--it may just be autoerasing the dataflash. If it doesn't eventually boot correctly (and then operate correctly from then on), contact customer support for a RMA.

Hei Colin

I have exact same problem, but with my APM v1 board.

With USB cable conneted i get a fix, but powering the board with battery/esc i don't get a fix.

That probably means either your battery needs to be charged or your ESC isn't putting out enough power. Charge the battery and/or try a different ESC

Sounds like you've got a broken trace/connector somewhere. Does the blue LED come on on the GPS module itself? 

Yes, its blinking and satcount is mostly 2-3, gpstatus 1, gpshdop 9999 while indoors. But as soon as i remove battery power and connect usb i get lock and satcount goes up to 11 within 1min.

Chris... can the bootloader be updated using the USB port of the APM2 or it is mandatory to use an AVR programmer ? Thanks.

No, only the 32u2 chip (PPM encoder) can be reflashed via USB, as per the instructions here. The Atmega2560 needs an AVR programmer. But they only cost $5, so it's not a big deal. 

Nice... i know you suggested to ask for a RMA but before to send the board over we want to make sure it's not a bootloader problem...

Do you know if this model will work ? http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9231

The hobbyking one may be a little hard to get here in Europe...


Hi MarkO,


try to load the firmware from Arduino instead MP, for me has worked. (sometimes...)

It is a very strange problem.


Hi friends!
I have a problem with the startup of my AMP2, watch the video below it is a problem similar to

yours or a problem of BEC / UBEC because my engine only works when I turn my APM2 before

connecting it to the USB.

Please help me to fix this problem! I cordially thank


thanks Guys!  after erasing the eprom and restarting several times, bootup seems to work fine now. 

nobody can help me ?

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