I have no compass data when I create GPX files from TLogs. In another thread someone said that you must have teh compass option on to create GPS files containing compas data but no details are given.  Any suggestions?


Bret C 

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I haven't messed with the Ardupilot in a while.  Let me ask a friend and see what he's got to say.


Thank you Mark- I appreciate your help.

Do I understand correctly that for Palentier to interput and process GPX files correctly, that it needs compas headings, is that correct?

Thank you.

Bret C

Hi Bret:

I've used the Palentier software from Mark, it is great! It will work with a gpx file without the <compass>xx</compass> tags but it doesn't know how to rotate the tile on the ground without this data. If your gpx files have a <heading>xx</heading> tag, you use this if you edit the gpx file and search / replace "heading" with "compass". Hope that helps, it has been a while since I've worked with the Ardu gpx output. 


In looking at the GPX file in front of me, I think you want to search/replace "course" with "compass".

Please correct if wrong.

Bret, any luck, with Palentier?


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