I finished assembling my ardustation, and everything seems work well.I loaded the Ardustation firmware v 12.
I use 2 XBee Pro 60mW Wire Antenna 2.4Ghz (900Mhz is not allowed in Europe) with GPS Mediatek DIYDrones and it works perfectly with Mission Planner programmed to 57600.
I have the LCD display, the blue LED is fixed and the red LED flashes continuously, but the problem that there is no data display.
Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
Thank you

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Old Ardustation fw v1.2 does not support mavlink that is main protocol now for communications between APM-MP and quads/planes.


There are a project undergoing to create new firmware for Ardustation hardware but I'm not sure how mature that is and how well it works with MAVLink.


Ardustation supports only older arduimu protocols.

Thank you for your information
Thanks for your time

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