No Heartbeat Packets Received with 3dr 915MHz modules

I have recently bought the AMP 2.5, with the 900MHz 3DR radio and I have yet to be able to connect the APM to the ground station with the arducoptor code.  I know that this is not an issue with the radios themselves as I have been able to connect through the groundstation using the latest ardurover code.  With the latest Arducopter FW (2.9) loaded on the board, I was able to verify to verify that the 3dr modules are connected (both green LEDs are on, no blinking), but I am unable to set up a MavLink connection.  The error I am receiving when trying to connect is "No Heartbeat Packets Received."

I have attached a screenshot of the error details and a screenshot of my radio settings from the mission planner. The min & max frequencies are set correctly according to the Wiki, and everything else is set to default. Has anyone experienced this same issue? Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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Here is my experience with the same problems.  I scoured the net looking for solutions for the past two days.  I couldn't get a link like I had when I first connected.

Well.  I had changed out my micro usb cord for a longer one. and all of a sudden no bueno! It took me these two days to figure out I was using a charger cord and not a data capable cable.

Switched out the "usb" cables and boom there she was!

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