No Heartbeat Packets Received with 3dr 915MHz modules

I have recently bought the AMP 2.5, with the 900MHz 3DR radio and I have yet to be able to connect the APM to the ground station with the arducoptor code.  I know that this is not an issue with the radios themselves as I have been able to connect through the groundstation using the latest ardurover code.  With the latest Arducopter FW (2.9) loaded on the board, I was able to verify to verify that the 3dr modules are connected (both green LEDs are on, no blinking), but I am unable to set up a MavLink connection.  The error I am receiving when trying to connect is "No Heartbeat Packets Received."

I have attached a screenshot of the error details and a screenshot of my radio settings from the mission planner. The min & max frequencies are set correctly according to the Wiki, and everything else is set to default. Has anyone experienced this same issue? Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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I am also experiencing this with my APM 2.5 (i believe that's what you meant with "AMP 2.5") that I purchased last month.  Looking through the forums, it seems that there are some issues with getting the 3dr radio modules to work, but none of the solutions proposed fixed my issue.

Has anyone else run into this issue?

Same issue here.

Just moved my 915 3dr radio from a working APM 2.0 to a new APM 2.5 and it will not connect.  I have tried EVERYTHING.. that I can think to do

DOes anyone have a working 915 setup with APM 2.5?  I would assume yes, but what am I missing?

I Have the same problem with apm2.5 connecting 3dr 433Mhz (wired with original connector cable).

Just found out that the TETEMETRY Port on the APM2.5 has 5 Pins, instead of 4 Pins in all the Wikis and Instructions.

Does aybody have Pin Outlay for the new Telemetry Port on the APM2.5 ??

Try the AUTO option in the top right corner COM settings. I was having the same issues but it is now connecting. I think this is a new option as I dont recall seeing this on the older version.

Thanks, but that concerns only Power-wiring.

Meanwhile I found the "NEW WIRELESS TELEMETRY PORT" wiring.

(From outside the Board)



- RX

- TX

- +5V

Tried that. Than my Console connects automaticly with USB assigned Com-Port.

I will try wiht my APM powered other than USB for testing.

FYI: If you have USB connected the telemetry port is disabled. You need to power separately (i.e. BEC etc..)

Telemetry is now connected.

But in Flight Data screen on Mission Planner attitude Infos come in with quite some delay, nearly 2 seconds. Is that normal?

I have a very similar problem. The radios seem to work fine (says 3drradioconfig) but when I try to connect via manual selected COM port I have the heartbeat error and in the AUTO mode I get a time out error (and sometimes the MP freezes complitely). AMP is powered by BEC and works fine over USB.

One thing, i didn" t get a cable with a DF13 connector so I hooked it up on the UART0 pins on the side of the board, which shouldn't make a difference (so far I understoud that, at least,

Can't imagine what else I could try...

Would be great if sombody had some sugestions how to fix that.

I thought about trying that UART0 pins , since mine doesn't work with the DF13 port... But since you are doing it that way, it makes me consider not trying it..

My radio works great in my Skywalker which has the apm2.0, so I am sure it is not my radios being the problem.

It is either something to do with the APM2.5 hardware, a quality problem, or software interface on the apm 2.5..

If many people are having no problem, then I guess maybe some of us got a bad board.

Check the solder joints underneath the connector on the board. I purchased one of the first APM2.5 boards and I needed to re-solder the GPS pins for the newer DF13 connector. 

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