Recently I purchased a Jdrone Hexa. Version 2.9.1b, WFT 9 controller, FrSky DFT telemetry, NEO6 GPS.

 I have been losing control of unit. At very close range too. Unit will stop responding until I have hit the air brake(stabilize), shut the air brake off and I have control again.This is very scary as this thing is big enough, fast enough to impale someone and kill!! Especially when I am flying aggressively

 In an open field, the GPS loiter mode, it will start to do a circular motion then unit will take off in some direction(FAST) until I turn it off.

 I have had some crashes previously and had to recalibrate compass, the APM was never damaged or fell out! The Blue LED indicating GPS lock is on, is on when trying loiter mode.

 Also it will lose its altitude after a bit say a 30-60sec with the throttle at %50+ and will not regain the loss. Alt is at 60-80ft when engaged.

                                               Update and no change            --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Completely lost control. My apm will not arm, I can see the values change on the controller calibration screen on MP but apm will not arm. Using 3.01.  The blue led comes on for a few seconds and goes out. Got a flashing A red led, steady red ACTIVE led and the TX fast flash RX steady flash, also reinstalled firmware.

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steady blue and flashing red led. and still no sign of a led flash codes GRRRRRR"  Got it to work for a min but my controller right thumb stick reversed and 90 degreed for no reason! That was tricky to land again. not sure what to put in from my logs


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