Our plane just went down today. The pilot was in manual mode and I was monitoring the telemetry on the GCS laptop. All of a sudden Mission Planner freezes and the pilot goes "I have no control!" The plane goes down and we have no idea what happened. It would appear the Mission Planner froze due to the lost of COM Link as that is what it always does when the Xbee flakes out. However, the pilot lost control due to the receiver com link being down as well. It seems the autopilot just died, however, wouldn't the receiver still have power supplied and the pilot should still have manual control?

I plugged in the salvaged APM unit as it was undamaged from the crash. However, when i turn on CLI mode to download the logs on the memory, the CLI logs menu returns nothing. There are no logs in the list that appears when it is called up. What gives?

Arduplane V2.33

Mission Planner 1.1.77

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Here is my log from Mission Planner. Any suggestions as to what data I would be useful to determine reasons for the crash?


Hi Steve, I had exactly the same issue with an APM1.0 today, I have no idea what happened (no logs on memory as well)


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