Hey everyone.

I recently purchased an APM2.5+ and have just started building a plane for it, however I can't seem to get APM to output anything to any servos. The sensors all seem to read fine and the radio and pwm test show data should be going through. But there's just no output.

This is the first time I've set it up and I'm powering it from usb.

Is there anything i need to do to get the outputs to work? I saw some other threads about no output problems, but this is the first time I've turned the APM so I just wanted to check.



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Did you purchase your APM2.5+ from 3DR or is it a clone?



You need to power it from a battery connected either to an ESC which is connect to the outputs or a standalone BEC connected to the outputs. The USB will not power the servos.

@Thomas, I bought i from diydrones.com

@Bill Thanks, that sorted it. I was a little unsure and didn't want to double power something and burn it out.

Everything seems to be working great now, thanks!


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