hi to all, 


After several succesfull flights with my Arduplane (v2.26) i have problem.

when i plug my 3s lipo to esc, only a red led(PWR) lights up on ATMEGA 2560 board. When i plug the usb everything works great (except servo movement) and i can play with mission planner and read inputs from all sensors and rc inputs.


i may exceded the current trying to use 7 12gr digital servos (4 for flight control-3 for camera). wrong servo throws fried one of my servos and since then the problem appeard (iam not exacly sure if it happend before or after the new firmware update) .

i already checked for the soldered part and its ok.


is there eny way to reset a fuse or something? should i buy another fuse or buy another board? power the board using another trick??


thanks you all 


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yes... it started to frying other ground leads untill i stoped fixing it and bought a new one :(  

Yeah, If you compare the 1280 board to the 2560, there's a pretty big difference in the size of the ground trace on the servo rails.  I'll see if I can't get a picture.

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