Radio calibration page see's full right yaw input but pixhawk doesn't or barely responds. If somebody could look at this log I would really appreciate it. 

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close how about desired yaw and mag y? Is mag y east west north south etc?

I've plotted the 4 rcout channels against ch4 rcin (should be yaw). Ch4 looks to be going as you intend, but two of the rcout channels are really low and two are really high. I'm not sure which is wrong, but I would guess you have a hardware problem with two of the motors/escs. The whole thing looks very unbalanced and your ErrYaw is all over the place.


Thanks Andy

It would seem that is what you would expect to see... two high and two low because to yaw to the right it would spin motors 1 and 2 faster than 3 and 4. So if that's what the output is yet it's barely yawing right then it must be a mechanical issue as you suggest. Interesting to note that motors 1 and 2 are noticeably warmer than 3 and 4 and my flight time seem reduced. It would also stand to reason it's the all in one esc because that is the most difficult thing of all to get at..... being as I'm a firm beleiver murphy never takes a day off! 

Well no, you yawed right AND left in the flight? You can clearly see that in RCIN4, but its always the same motors which are high/low (which is not what you would expect to see).

Hey Andy it's solved !!! Tow of my arms were slightly twisted but because they were two that spun the same direction and they were twisted the same direction it was enough to effect it that much. I never would have thought that little twist would do that!!! Check it out here if interested. Thanks for your help!!

I changed the name of this thread it had nothing to do with the firmware install. It just coincided with that. 

GREAAAAATTTTT!!!!!! , I had similar issue on my old cuad but the symptom was pulsate in loiter, only one arm little twisted, it's give me a long headhache UFF!!

Hi Richard. I am glad you have this figured out for your yaw. However I do have a question. What does it mean when the sound is dit dit dit dah? Like a "V" in morse code.  I had a very short flight on the Y6 and landed but it turned upside down I didn't have enough time to figure out if the sticks were right. I was in Stabilize mode and I thought I was in Loiter but found out I had started it in Stabilize. Which is great if I get this thing figured out.  It hovered ok but could not get it to react to my TX inputs (my learning curve for this Y6) So I am not sure if I have the radio setup properly. But after I straightened the props I could not get it to arm, it just started going DIT DIT DIT DAH. 

Jim, perhaps it help if you can take a video doing didididah and if your issue is different than this one perhaps you have more help if you open another specific post ;) and is isefull too if you have a log too, better enable all


I know that sound it's usually when it detected a crash I think. It should go away after you power it up again

I have found it best to not start out in any mode that requires gps such as loiter. I almost always start out in alt hold. 

One thing I do after setting up a new copter to confirm all is as it should be is arm it then hold on to it VERY carefully, with gloves and safety glasses, then just throttle it up enough so it feel's like it's lifting it's own weight. Then tilt it forward and sideways and you should feel it fighting that trying to keep it level. On one occasion it was opposite and most certainly would have been an instant crash. I had the props on wrong. You can also sort of notice if it vibrate more one way than the other and it's easy to narrow down which motor and prop is vibrating more than the rest. You can also use your TX and move the stick around to confirm it reacts as it should. Obviously you have to be very careful. I've had my son help me out with the TX stick so I can hold on with both hands.

If it continues to beep and not arm your probably your gonna need to re-do some or all of the mandatory set up including calibrating the esc's.  At least that's been my experience. Let me know how it goes. Good luck!


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