I am a complete noob at this, I have built a octo using APM 2.5, my problem is the throttle seems stuck, it starts up at a high speed but when you try to increase it just stays at the same speed.


I think I am having the same problem in this thread, tried everything and still cannot get it to work, Any help please.


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What firmware have you loaded?

What calibrations have you done?

Can you post a log file?

Providing more information allows for a more complete picture of what is happening.

Thanks Mike

Firmware is the latest 3.0.1? octo

Programmed ESC's/calibrated with this card see pic

The log files are empty well windows says 0kb?



I cannot read or load a log file, something about its being used or is already open?

Log file


The log file that will give the best clues is the .log file downloaded from the APM, Terminal/connect APM/log Downloads.

How have you connected the ESC to the APM, through the PDB or directly?

Do your ESC's have a BEC?

Are you running one BEC for power, all the BEC's connected together, or a separate BEC?

What TX and Rx brands are you using (throttle needs reversing on Futaba)?

The card you show is a programming card, and has nothing to do with calibration.

How far through the Wiki have you read in the setup section?

See pic

Yes ESC has BEC

pdb to ESC's, ESC's to APM, APM was powered by ESC's but had APM booting issues so now the APM is powered from pdb using a UBEC

tx/rx is DEVO-10

Read right through the wiki setup and have been going back and redoing everything for the past 5 days, I must be missing something/a step.


Make sure the copter is on a level surface when you initially power it up and when you arm it.  I think this might be your problem...

It arms and powers up ok, my problem is it's running too fast and there is no acceleration through the throttle.

Lets say you tip up the copter to plug in the lipo... that's where it assumes a level surface.  Just a thought.  It happened to me a few weeks ago.

Sorry I'm confused, what has having the copter level on the floor got to do with my throttle problem, my throttle has a constant rpm from 35% to full throttle.

Video, is this right


On the RC set up page of mission planner does the green bar for the throttle move up and down correctly when you move the throttle up and down.

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