Dear All,

I am developing UAV for Mapping. I use Canon Camera (SX260HS)+CHDK to trigger the camera based on time interval (intervalometer script) and based on distance (E38 script), both was working well.

Now, I want to use another brand of camera (i.e., Sony, Nikon, Canon without CHDK..etc) but I still have no idea how to trigger it. I have read there are part/component who could trigger with infrared, but I put it as a last option.

I want to modify camera connection by cable to PixHawk and setup the camera trigger based on distance in Mission Planner. If somebody already did it and success, please share the wiring diagram.. 

Thanks in advance...

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I ordered few days ago one RX100II and this mount with servo trigger. I will be able to test them maybe in 1-2 weeks, depending on the weather.

Hi Just look at my post here is very easy to make you own cable for canon or sony

Cheers Reuben

That is really great, thanks. But i think i can't do that. I don't have the guts to open the camera's shell

Thank's Zoltan. As what i'm expect, nex 5 image quality is better than rxIII

I just received the information, that I will get the mount with the multiport shutter, not with the servo trigger. Much better !

Do not forget the difference in weight ! The RX100 with objective weights 240 gramms, while NX5 without objective is 230 gramm. So you will be able to fly less time with NX5. I heard from professionals (I am just a beginner) that NEX5 recommended for video. You can find better cameras for photo on the same price.

For any Sony camera this is a solution:

I have tested it myself.. they are easy to set up and works fine with what you describe.

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