Hi I'm trying to use Xplane with APM mission planner, but none of the Autopilot modes work in my simulation. I have waypoints setup in the Mission planner, but when I switch to autopilot it just veers off and does a spiral towards the ground

Manual flight works perfectly with my controls. But, stabilization mode does nothing for me. I tried the troubleshooting guide to set the PID stuff, but it doesn't seem to help me at all. Anyone know what could possibly be going wrong?

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please reread the setup wiki, you probly have a port set wrong.

Well I don't know what I did but it works correctly now. I started switching which param files I was using, and played around which didn't work at first. And now it magically works, I wish I knew what made it work lol! Oh well... thanks. 

even better,

Michael -  See your name a lot.  Simple question. APM1 and Mission Planner all works as advertised including write to A/P except I would like to see a mission path /WP flags overlay on top of the satellite photo of my home field like I used with the ArduPilot MP.  Could you tell me what "buttons" I need to click to accomplish this?  Thank you. Mike Cowan

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