I am trying to find out what is (normal) at power up.

I have purchased a 3DR Hexa kit with 850Kv motors and the 20Amp ESC's.

Upon powering up I get an escalating tone then 3 beeps then it sounds like 3 or 4 more beeps

but alot faster.

I can not get the ESC's/Motors to arm.


What am I missing?   HELP!


 See attached video.

Thanks in advance!


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It looks and sounds like the PWM signal from your transmitter isn't low enough. Try and move the trim on the throttle all the way down and if that doesn't do it increase the throttle travel volume (down) to 110 or 125%.

I had the same problem at first.


Thanks for the info, I tried the trim but no go.

I'll have to read a little to try the other suggestion not sure how to do it on a Spektrum DX7.

Thanks in advance!


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