Problem found see last part of thread, Pixhawk switched flight modes by itself...

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm just getting started with the Pixhawk on a XAircraft 650-X8 frame. With Cobra 2217 motors and Afro 20A ESCs using Genfan 11x4.7 props to lift a NEX-5 camera. I made several auto test flights with the equivalent weight of of the camera. Everything was fine. Made several auto test flights with the camera again worked fine (took off, flew to waypoints, landed). Then yesterday I had trouble arming it due to high HDOP but finally it went down enough to arm and hit the auto mode. It flew to the first waypoints properly but then it started rising in elevation (from 150ft which was planned to 200+). it then switch to stabilize mode by itself, Since I had the throttle position low it dropped like a rock (about 50 ft) then switched back to auto mode by itself and climbed back to 200+ ft. It did this twice the second time is when I saw it happen and I switched it to RTL and it came back and landed. Looking thru the logs I can see where it happened but can't determine why. This is a false assumption. ( I'm guessing since I didn't have the Kalman filter on it was getting a bad reading from the barometer.) Turns out it is VCC look at a lower reply. And that somehow triggered the flight mode switch. Today I turned on Kalman filtering and put it in Loiter mode for ~9 min. about all my 3S can handle. it Loitered properly. I then planned a mission to take 45 photos at 50 meters. It flew the mission fine with no problems. Could someone take a look at these logs and let me know what happened? The flight doesn't start until about 60% into the tlog.



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I reset my Tx to have a wider variation in the PWM scale between switch settings on the three way switch. I also set all of the intermediate modes to Auto so if there is variance it will stay in Auto which is what I think hotelzululima was telling me before he deleted his response. If you look at the screen shot I'm using "Flight Mode 1, Flight Mode 4, Flight Mode 6" as the three postions on the switch and everything else set to Auto. Before I had left these Flight Modes on the default Stabilize.  I think this fixed the issue.

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All 8 rc inputs show fluctuation when the mode changes.

I'd say it was you're transmitter, receiver or the encoder that is the problem. When it switched to stabilise your throttle output went to maximum which put a huge strain on the battery as it pulled it down to 7volts which probably caused the vcc to drop down.

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