Not sure of correct forum for this: How do I read crash log to discover what happened? I think I lost a prop mid flight

My Tricopter just came down in a corn field.

I was flying with FPV over a hedge, I couldn't see directly, although it happened not a huge distance away.

It just suddenly rolled over a few times and hit the ground.

No idea what happened at the time but on finding it one of the props is broken, one side looks like a clean shear while the other side is a rough break.

I have tried reading the logs but I don't know the best stats to look for. The one I thought roll / desroll doesn't really show..

It was rolling the other way than the side with the broken prop, but maybe APM switched the other side of also trying to compensate?

It actually hit something at 37meters earlier in the flight, I was worried at first but when it kept going I figured it was ok... duh.

I don't know what it hit. I have video but its not clear what it is. I will post that in a bit, need to edit in the time of interest rather than the whole thing obviously. Unfortunately the video was not rolling when it actually came down.

Feels like I'm asking a stupid question really, it must surely be easy to know from the gyros if one side suddenly lost thrust?

Thanks for any help

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Try here: Link 



I guess there is just not enough info in the log to determine the problem.

One entry is 35m Alt, the other 3m.

I was hoping the roll values tell me which side dropped first, but its already well out of control by the next entry.

thanks anyway

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