NT IMU board connection for storm32 gimbal controller board


I've started working with a storm32 gimbal controller board... all the documentation is awesome by the way... but struggling with the IMU board section of the setup procedure. All the wiki pages and videos I looked at for the Storm32 board show how straight forward the connection is nl. -> that when you connect the IMU board to the NT bus of the board, the connection should register as the primary IMU (camera IMU) for you board. If I however connect mine, it registers as the secondary IMU (IMU2) for the board.

So if the external IMU is connected, it registers as IMU2 for the board, and if it's disconnected, the board's internal IMU registers as IMU2... Am I missing something basic?

I've even started looking at setting IMU board IDs, flashing IMUs' firmware and required setups for using 2nd IMUs... but as the storm32 startup guide doesn't mention any of this, or not emphasised in setup videos, I believe that I'm overthinking the problem.

Can someone please help me out with this?

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Which board version are you using? (1.3 or 1.31 or ..?)

Which firmware is loaded on that board? 2.11 or.. ?

Seems you have something real wrong very possibly in the firmware area.

I am struggling too but for different reasons. (don't want to hack your thread so no details)



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